Above pictures can be clicked on to follow link to the brick sculptural works.

Brick relief sculpture various



Left the Burslem Bypass triptych panels

in glazed brick, Burslem Staffordshire.



'Hands on Pot' large in the round brick

sculpture, yet to be sited, commissioned for the town of Stoke on Trent by the clay institute.



'Aquarius' and 'Sagittarius' brick relief sculptures. Smaller brick panels which were inset into wall facades.

Art for Architecture fine art public art sculpture by contemporary Scottish artists




burslem triptych glazed brick sculpture relief potteries stoke on trent
ceramica centre giant pot thrown brick sculpture stoke on trent millenium ibstock

Below Aquarius and Sagittaius brick relief sculptures. The aquarius panel 1 meter square approx was purchased by a private collector, whilst the Sagittarius panel 1.5 meters square was bought by the Exhall Grange school for their art collection. Both prior to installation.





Above Burslem Bypass Triptych commissioned by Staffordshire County Council, 1% for art, glazed brick relief, 9m wide by 4.5m high, depicting industries of Burslem. Burslem bypass triptych relief sculpture of glazed brick panels. Burslem, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. Staffordshire percent for art initiative. Height approx. 5m by 9m width. Depict the historical industrial occupations of Burslem and their inter relationship.


Burslem Umgehung- Auftrag für Grafschaftsrat von Stafford, 1% für Kunstinitiative. Glasiertes Triptychon-Mauerrelief - 5m FuB hoch, FuB 9m breit, staatliche Sammlung.




Left, "Hands on Pot" the 'largest pot in christendom' was a projet undertaken with Ibstock brick and financially sponsored by the Clay Institute. The large pot with potter's hands working it as if on a wheel was approximately 5 meters in height by 3 meters diameter. It was fired before in 1999 to be used on a new millenium project which is only now coming to fruition, hopefully the pot will be in place during 2007. Pictures show half the pot in progress at studio, carved by John McKenna and Darren Sutton.