Roman Fosse way charioteer


Above picture shows John McKenna's modelled bas relief panel at Fosse Plaza, Leicester. See more examples of this project below the navigation bar

Fosse Plaza, Fosse Way, Leicester


This project saw the creation of two bronze cast relief panels for a commercial trading estate, Fosse Plaza, in Leicester.


The concept designs were originally conceived by a working associate of John's. The Dudley borough public artist Steve Field.


Steve designed the layout of the roundel panels and provided John with reference drawings with which John could create the clay master originals.


These were then lost wax cast in bronze.

Art for Architecture fine art public art sculpture by contemporary Scottish artists




King Lear Act 1 scene 1 Cordelia Goneril Regan
Shakespears' King Lear, Regan, Goneril, Cordelia
King Lear


The Fosse Plaza complex is close to the original site of the ancient Roman Fosse Way. The proximity to the site called for a Roman reference hence the Roman charioteer galloping down the Roman road.


Left image

Shakespears' "King Lear"was thought to be a legendary king of the atrea around Leicester according to Steve's researches. John McKenna and his son, Alexander modelled the panel in clay. The scene was from the Shakespeare play King Lear, where the old King asks of his daughters' love.


His youngest daughter Cordelia states.

"I love your majesty, according to my bond, no more, no less"


The panel lost wax in bronze at Castle Fine Art foundry.


The bronze panel on site at Fosse Plaza, Fosse Way, Leicester. Approx 1m diameter.