Sir Gowain and the green man Knight

The Green Man Sculpture relief for the Green Man Passage in Dudley.


Strange name for a town passge? What is this about?

Green Man entry is a very old passageway in Dudley may have been an entrance to a former ale house.


Cast Bronze verdigris patination. Castings such as this can be ordered from our studio art foundry


Modellers John Mckenna and Darren Sutton

Commissioned for the town of Dudley in the west midlands by Steve Field of the Dudley Borough Public Art Unit.


Above picture shows the Green Man sculpture relief insitu in Green Man Entry.

Art for Architecture fine art public art sculpture by contemporary Scottish artists





the green man relief was mostly modelled by my assistant darren sutton who was a student of mine at the stafford fe college. he was one of the better artists there - most of them were wastrels


darren went on to work for me on and off for years


now as a mature sculptor he even gets to do his own work