palfrey horse stainless steel fabricated public art sculpture equestrian statue

Above picture shows John McKenna's Palfrey Horse made from over 1 kilometer of stainless steel bar.

Art for Architecture fine art public art sculpture by contemporary Scottish artists

The Palfrey Horse

This sculpture fabricated in stainless steel at A4A's studio by John McKenna was commissioned by Walsall Metropolitan Borough council. The site of the sculpture is within the Palfrey Park in Walsall itself. It was commissioned as part of a general park refurbishment scheme and part financed by Heritage Lottery Fund and the Single Regeneration Budget grants.

The archaic term 'Palfrey' is derived from a light saddle horse especially ridden by women, perhaps used during pilgramages as the gait of the horse was said to suit long distances.


The sign below the horse was cut using a waterjet at




this piece of artwork took a long time to finish, it was the first time i had made a sculpture like this. the first always takes the longest to work out.

once finished it sat here for six months whilst the walsall parks manager sorted out the site

he also had to have a daft sign made in a dozen or so languages at some cost to appease the pc lottery and council policy